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CHECK IT OUT!!!!...If you want to see more of The King of the Forest here is a few clips from my first survival show I did for the Discovery Channel a couple years back Called "Built to Survive"!!!  I learned alot in the Desert with my partners in crime Allin Frawley​, Michael Pewtherer​, Sean McVeigh​ and Dan Wright​.


Special shout out to Michael Pewtherer, he is the best Survivalist I've ever known...the things I learned from him on this adventure I took with me to both Alabama and Africa for Naked and Afraid and Naked and Afraid XL....Look him up and learn a thing or two! He's also written two Wilderness Survival Handbooks that are excellent read for a novice to an expert


For the ENTIRE Episode CLICK the Link Below Scroll down to #18 called Built to Survive and enjoy!!

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