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I grew up in Amarillo, TX, home of the 72oz steak and the Cadillac Ranch. Surrounded by feed lots and tumbleweeds, I moved to Orlando, FL at an early age and has been there ever since.


My love for the outdoors blossomed early in life. I learned a lot from my grandfather and uncle in the Rocky Mountains learning how to fly fish, track game, and build both shelters and fire. I continues to be an avid outdoorsman and an alligator and boar hunter. I hone my survival skills on a regular basis to keep my mind and body on point.


I am a professional artist that goes by the pen name Nevets Killjoy. I use hard lines and loud colors to express my artistic visions. Self taught, I have painted a 60's VW Van, a Prius, several murals and over a thousand canvases. My artwork has been displayed all over the United States and I'm an up and comer in the art world.


My faith, hard work, determination, and hunger for knowledge and adventure make me a renaissance man. Trying to become the best at anything I put my mind to, I strive to complete my main goal in change the world.






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  • Behind the Scenes

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  • Never Before Seen



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