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The King of the Forest - Naked and Afraid

Steven and Chalese come across a timber rattlesnake while surviving in Alabama. The timber rattlesnake is one of the most dangerous snakes in North America..


“Naked and Afraid” Stars – We Did NOT Hook Up!

And there’s a couple of good reasons why.


Chalese Meyer & Steven Hall Talk 'Naked And Afraid'

Chalese Meyer and Steven Hall chat with Access Hollywood Live's Billy Bush and Kit Hoover about attempting to survive 21 days in the Alabama backwoods on "Naked and Afraid," which airs Sundays at 10PM ET/PT on Discovery Channel. What were their biggest challenges?


Steven's Casting Tape

Is Steven prepared for the Naked And Afraid challenge? In this digital-exclusive casting tape, he explains his past experiences surviving in the wild.


Enjoy the View

Steven and Chalese both don't mind being naked around other people. Which is good, because they're about to meet each other for the first time, completely naked!


New Season of ‘Naked and Afraid’ on Discovery With Chalese Meyer and Steven Hall​

The hit reality series Naked And Afraid on Discovery is billed as “the Everest of Survival Challenges”. It challenges two total strangers with no clothing, no food and no water to survive 21 days in the most remote areas of the world. Chalese Meyer is a recreational therapist from Utah and is paired with Steven Hall, a professional fine artist from Orlando, Florida. The series is not only a physical challenge at staying NAKED AND AFRAID for 21 days, but also a mental challenge.


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