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I am the One and Only Nevets Killjoy.  I've never had any formal art training I paint what I like with hard lines and loud colors.  I've been painting professionally since 2013.


I have a multitude of pieces at many Downtown Venues as well and several out of state.  I love doing commission pieces alongside my own personal endevors. I've painted a Prius, a 60's VW Van, several Murals and over a thousand Canvases... I love what I do and strive to become a better artist with every new piece.


I'm Gonna Change the World.......Join the Revolution




Q: How much do they cost? 

A: The cost of the painting is determined in the time taken to create it and the timeframe I have to get it done. 

Portraits run from $150 and up depending on the Size and number of people in the painting.  A 50% deposit is required for any Commission Piece for supplies cost and insurance


Q: Do you ship? 

A: I ship anywhere in the world. Shipping cost is determined on Size, Location and Timeframe from where it is sent. It is always ship insured either UPS or FedEx


Q: How long will it take to get my painting?

A: Most paintings have a turn around time of about 3wks.  Some pieces can take a shorter amount of time depending on the amount of work i have in my pipeline and the complexity of the piece. 


Q: Do you paint murals or larger pieces?

A: Yes I paint Murals.  I've painted just about everything from a 60's VW Bus, a Prius to building walls, ceilings and floors.


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