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Rides   by Nevets Killjoy


This  VW Bus was a vision put together with just a few ideas, alot of paint and time.  It features Portraits of Led Zepplin on the front, Jimi Hendrix, The Who and Janis Joplin on the side, with a Classic Hippie Killjoy Girl on the rear. 


Starting from the base, I sanded and primed the sides, painted and clearcoated the body. There was no timeframe on this  project. I worked on it in between my commission pieces for about 6 months.


It was Featured in the Orlando Sentinel newspaper and stated as a "Tribute to Hippie Culture".




60's VW Bus

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From the exposer from the VW Bus, a client contacted me to paint her new Prius.  She wanted old school, hand painted, 70's, Hippie Epic Awesomeness.  I used old photos of 70's Graffiti with a little bit of Killjoy awesome with hard lines and loud colors it'll make you stop in your tracks when its rollin down the road.


I had full creative control with this project.  Just some calabration about some styles and colors and this was the outcome.  This project took 90 work hours total and is all hand painted acrylic paint with a  base clear acrylic outdoor none yellowing clearcoat.  Just like the VW, the entire car was sanded and primed before any artwork was applied.


Groovy Prius

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